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Chief Judge Kathryn C. Ferguson: chambers_of_kcf@njb.uscourts.gov
Judge Rosemary Gambardella: chambers_of_rg@njb.uscourts.gov
Judge Michael B. Kaplan: chambers_of_mbk@njb.uscourts.gov
Judge Christine M Gravelle: chambers_of_cmg@njb.uscourts.gov
Judge Andrew B. Altenburg, Jr.: chambers_of_aba@njb.uscourts.gov
Judge Vincent F. Papalia: chambers_of_vfp@njb.uscourts.gov
Judge John K. Sherwood: chambers_of_jks@njb.uscourts.gov
Judge Jerrold N. Poslusny, Jr.: chambers_of_jnp@njb.uscourts.gov
Judge Stacey L. Meisel: chambers_of_slm@njb.uscourts.gov

From time to time, you may experience significant slowness with the system. Some of it is due to technical difficulties and some is due to network congestion. When you encounter such an event, please log off the system and wait 10 minutes before retrying. Please be reminded that clicking on the "submit" button twice may result in duplicated filings. To work around problems of network congestion, filing in the following time period is encouraged: early in the morning, around lunch hours, and late afternoon.

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